Friday, February 22, 2008

Twins For JLO

Jennifer Lopez gave birth early this morning to twins- a girl and boy. She and husband Marc Anthony have been very hush-hush about this whole pregnancy and Good Morning America was first to announce the arrival this morning. These are Lopez's firsts while Anthony has 5 now, including 3 children from a previous marriage. Lopez Gives Birth to Twins in NY

Online Shopping: Convenient or Risky? -Post #2

This is a post regarding my marketing class group topic, which is Internet usage. Who is using the Internet and why? Shopping is one of the resons people use this internet. Sometimes it is easier to click a couple buttons and make a purchase rather than drive to the store and wait online for the cashier. There are some downfalls though, such as paying for shipping and the risk of credit card numbers on the web. You decide for yourself...

E-Shopping is one of the growing activities that is making the Internet even more popular than ever. 66% of online Americans have purchased a product online. People have purchased books, toys, clothes, DVDs- you name it and it is probably offered for sale on the Internet. Many companies have made it possible to go online to purchase products instead of physically going to the store. Target and Walmart are examples of big stores that offer this service, while Amazon is one of the largest online retailers. 78% of people say they shop online because of its convenience, and 68% of people say it saves time.

While the Internet is considered convenient to most, there is a certain risk factor involved in e-shopping. 75% of online shoppers do not like putting their credit card information online. They are concerned with the safety of their financial and personal information online. Most reputable sites have a security symbol on the bottom of the page, but there is still concern with a hacker getting this information. Besides the risk factor 58% of e-shoppers have felt frustrated during online shopping. Now as an added feature a companies such as Lands End have come up with a live chat to help he customer during the check out process.

For additional information about e-shopping check out this article- Online Shopping: Convenient but Risky

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Writer's Strike Ends!

Sick of watching reruns? Finally after over 3 months on the picket lines, 92.5% members of the Writers' Guild of America voted in favor to accept a deal with producers. This finally means new episodes of your favorite shows. Saturday Night Live is the first show to air a new episode with Tina Fey as the host. New prime time shows such as my favorite, Grey's Anatomy, will start to air new shows by the beginning of April.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Kanye West at the Grammys

Last night's 50th annual Grammy awards had a wide-range of celebrity performances, including musician (and I use that word loosely) Kanye West. West took home four awards, including the Best Rap Album award for his album, Graduation. When Kanye came up to give his acceptance speech, he went on first saying how he deserves all the awards. Can we say overly confident?! Kanye also went on to talk about his mom, and when the music came on to signal that his thank you speech was going for way too long, he replied: "It would be in good taste to stop the music."
Yes it is sad that his mother passed away, but if he wanted to talk about her he should have done it at the beginning of his speech instead of going on about himself first... His arrogant attiude is so ridiculous! Check it out to judge for yourself...Kanye's acceptance speech

Some of the other celebrities in attendance at last night's Grammy awards made some cracks at Kanye West. Both country singer Vince Gill, and R&B singer Usher made jokes about West and his cocky attitude!! Watch this--> Singers make fun of Kanye

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Do Adults Use the Internet? -Post #1

Besides writing about what's going on in the entertainment world, I want to touch on the topic of why people use the internet. According to a survey conducted in January 2005, only 65% of American adults use the internet. This is a lower number than I would've imagined. I think in the past two years since the survey was taken, the percentage may have risen. The most popualer internet activity among these internet users are on the web to check their e-mail (90%). E-mail is popular because it is an easy way for people can connect to friends, family, employers, and co-workers. Many adults use e-mail to socializae as well as for work purposes.

The next most popular internet activity with 84% of users, is the use of search engines. Many people go online to Google or Yahoo to search for information. 84% of users also go online to search for maps. Programs such as Map Quest or Yahoo Maps gives detailed directions from point A to point B.

78% of users are online to check the weather, while 73% are there to check the news. Searching the web for a hobby or interests are another reason why 77% of internet users log onto the net. Though 78% of people go on the internet to check out a product and price, only 67% actully buy products online.

On the lower end of internet useage would be for playing lottery (4%) and online dating (9%). This number surprises me because there are always so many commercials for dating websites for and other dating services, that I would've thought more people are online searching for their soulmate!

Only 10% of internet user go onto the web to create and post on a blog. Maybe our marketing class has brought up the percentage since this survey was taken. For a complete chart of why 133 million Americans are logging onto the internet visit this link.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gwen Pregnant with Baby #2!

Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting baby number 2! Gwen is reportedly 13 weeks along. The couple tied the knot in London in September of 2002. They already have a 1 1/2-year-old son Kingston. The baby is supposedly due in June.

Though this is exciting news for the couple, I am dissapointed because my favorite band, No Doubt, was rumored to have been recording a new cd together and planning a reunion tour this year. Hopefully these plans wont be postponed due to Gwen's pregnancy.
For more news about the pregnant celeb, check out People Magazine's website.

Celebrity "baby bump" watching has become a sport to the paparrazzi...
Some celebrities that are rumored to be pregnant (not yet confirmed):

News is speculating that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting another biological baby.

Tori Spelling and husband, Dean McDermott baby number 2?

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