Monday, April 28, 2008

Celebrity Fashion Under $100

Many people look up to celebrities and try to imitate their fashion, but most people (especially college students) don't have extra cash to spend $500 on a pair of shoes that they saw on Paris Hilton. A few celebrities are doing something about this and have created inexpensive clothing lines of fashions that they would personally wear. Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her style from her popular show, Sex and the City, and she has created a clothing line, "Bitten" for Steve and Barry's with dresses (that she wears!) for only $15. Amanda Bynes also has a Steve and Barry's line, "Dear", with nothing over 20 bucks.

Other fashion savvy celebs have also been stepping out in clothes from wallet friendly Target and H&M stores. Now women and young girls don't have to envy their millionaire idols, they can just make a trip to target and have the style of these famous actresses.

*Amand Bynes in her own affordable line- skirt $15!
*SJP in Bitten dress $15
*Miley Cirus in H&M pants $20
vquzeshuf for more photos of celebrities in affordable clothes.

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Colleen said...

Wow! I like this post. Everytime I see a nice outfit worn by a celebrity I know that I would not beable to afford it; or if I did really want to buy it, I would have to spend a weeks pay on it. It's nice to see celebs wearing more reasonable outfits and accessories. I realized that Target is actually coming out with nice (and reasonable) clothing and accessory lines. H&M is a favorite of mine as well!

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