Thursday, April 24, 2008

Internet and Life -Post #3

For our group presentation, I found an article about why some people are using the internet more than before, and why some use it less. According to the article, "Internet and American Life" people are using the internet more than they used to because of their need to connect for school, work, and entertainment. People say they go online more because of faster internet connection. People who claimed that they go online less often say it is due to lack of time and interest.

Though this article is a bit old (Time Magazine, 2001) I think since it was published the rate of internet users has probably dramatically increased. Nowadays everyone, old and young uses the internet for work, school, pay bills, check the weather, email, the list can go on and on. In the past years the internet has gotten faster and easier to navigate through.

Some interesting facts found in this article:

Women are more likely to use the internet than men.
People who are well-off tend to spend more time on the internet than those with modest income.
People who need the internet for work and school spend the most time logged on.
Younger users and newcomers spend LESS time online.

To find out more about the Americans and their use of the internet, go to VQUZESHUF.

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